Generated VW Golf MK1 in AI
Norbert Heltschl, Terrassenhausanlage Innsbruck, 1974
Harry Glück, Wohnpark Alterlaa Wien, 1975
Exploring the synthesis of motion design and animation
Daily compositions
John Honer, Barbican site architect with Frank Woods and Geoffry Powell in the reflection.
The Barbican Estate by Stefi Orazi
Material Stories
Creative Services
New Generation by Myroslava Mudrak
Gerd A. Müller / LAMY T10
Experiments in processing
First develops
Texture & Light
Cima Kogaku
Archive video. Otl Aicher, „München 1972“
LOT Airlines by Roman Duszek & Andrzej Zbrożek 1978
Heinrich Hertz Turm 1966. Fritz Trautwein, Rafael Behn
Manual Leica C1
New Tab
Yashica FRI 1970
Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig
Mystectvo publishing 1969 by Vasyl Perevalskiy
Bauhaus Dessau Tickets
LogoArchive Issue 4
shooting 90's
M Animation
Project Serendipity
HKW font by Node Berlin Oslo
Chair Series 7™ by Arne Jacobsen
Studio Culture Now by Unit Editions
König Gallery
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
LogoArchive Extra Issue 7: Standards Manual
Day6 - Letter Дд
VW MK1 Retro Animation
Cuban Poster Exhibition by Waldemar Świerzy 1971
Ukrainian former professional cyclist Yaroslav Popovych
Shape Grammars by Jannis Maroscheck
Wander Dossier
Wassily Chair by Marcel Breuer
Interactive textures
Moving mesh
3D Animation
Map of Berlin
Oil pastel experiments
Poster by Josef Müller-Brockmann 1958
Design+Design Independent Magazine for Design Collectors #39
Pentel Markers
Zaczyn o Zofii i Oskarze Hansenach by Filip Springer
Martor Skalpel made in Germany
Design as Art by Bruno Munari
Glyphs explorations
A.Dobosz by Ryszard Bienert
The Ukrainians Tote Bag designed by Anastasiia Struk
Cover for PVNCH Single